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adg_table_cell_new_full() crash on duplicate names
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While using LGI based bindings (Lua), creating cells with duplicate names will trigger a crash during destruction. Test case follows:

local lgi =     require 'lgi'
local Adg = lgi.require 'Adg'

local t = Adg.Table()
local r = Adg.TableRow(t)

Adg.TableCell.new_full(r, 1, 'duplicate name')
Adg.TableCell.new_full(r, 1, 'duplicate name')

This will give a Segmentation fault (core dumped) at the end of its execution (or, better, it is what I get on a couple of systems).

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In a more complex application I get a similar crash without duplicated names. When reducing it to a MCVE I'm unable to replicate it though.

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The issue seems to be gone.

The crash is still present, triggered when leaving the Lua interpreter.